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This page explains you how to read and input Japanese Language at easy internetCafe.

[How to read Japanese] - [How to input Japanese] - [How to fix garbage text]

How to read Japanese

When you log in, Internet Explorer starts up automatically.

If not, double click the icon of Internet Explorer.

Input Japanese URL address, such as Yahoo Japan web page or simple click an address beneath.

Yahoo Japan

dialougue box window for installing Japanese appears.

Select Download.

After an install prosess finish, the computer is able to display Japanese on Internet Explorer.


How to input Japanese

You need "Microsoft Global IME" to input Japanese.
Click an address beneath.

Microsoft Global IME Download

Microsoft Global IME's Download page.

Images are always broken.

From "Choose an option:" pull-down menu, choose "Japanese - with Language Pack"

"Choose a language" does'n need to be changed, "English" is OK.

Select "Next".

There is only one downloadable link.

Click "Next".

Dialogue box of donwload appears.

It's a little bit hassle to find a file after downloading, Select "Run this program from ..." and Click "OK"

Security Alert appers, Select "Yes"
It makes sure again. Select "Yes"

A software license appers.

If you agrees with it, Select "Yes".

Install starts automatically.

After install finish, "Install Complete" Dialogue appears.

Click "OK"

This is very important.

The computer recommends you to restart, however you MUST click "NO"!

If you select "yes", the computer reboots and all data are gone. you need to do again from begining.

Close all windows of Internet Explorer.

After that, start it again. Double click an Internet Explorer icon.

Then it has prepared to use Global IME.

After a window open, you notice that a blue square "En" icon appear on tasktray in the right bottom corner.

It means "English" is current mode.

When you click the icon, a menu appear.

Select "Japanese IME"

The icon changes to "JA".

Open any Japanese webpage which has input box such as Google or simple click an address beneath.


Then, a small window appear at bottom right.

Click the "A" icon and choose top one, "ZENKAKU HIRAGANA".

The left icon turns in to "A(see the left image)"

It has prepared to input Japanese now!

You can input Japanese!

Of course, it is possible to input Japanese on Hotmail and Yahoo mail.

How to fix garbage text

Sometime, you meet the pages which doesn't display Japanese properly.

It is called garbage text or MOJI-BAKE.

Change encode then,

"View" > "Excording" > "Japanese (Auto Select)"

If you choose Japanese encode, it displays properly.

Also Check encode in the case that received mail is garbage text and sent mail is always garbage text.

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